With the new duoSHIELD™ PFT Nitrile 240, SHIELD Scientific enters the ultra-thin glove market. This powder-free nitrile glove meets the requirements of the latest chemical and biological European standards (ISO 374-1:2016 and ISO 374-5:2016). This new disposable glove is dual registered to offer a solution for the medical and the laboratory workers. In developing this laboratory glove, particular attention was given by the SHIELD Scientific glove development team to meeting users’ expectations for comfort, space saving and cost optimization.   To receive your free samples, CLICK HERE To access the product information, CLICK HERE To download the documentation, CLICK HERE […]


It is generally acknowledged that RNA is more prone to degradation than DNA, which may be because of the ubiquity and robustness of RNases. Accordingly researchers wishing to maintain an RNase-free environment may need to be more vigilant. Whilst human skin has long been recognised as a source of RNase contamination, simply wearing gloves may not provide a suitable barrier. This is because either the gloves have become contaminated by human contact or the cleanliness of the glove is not sufficient to ensure that they are RNase-free. Accordingly here are some tips for gloving in an RNase-free environment: 1) As […]


Adopt the SHIELD Scientific chemical resistance guide to compare, select the disposable glove offering the best performance! Click on GLOVE CHEMICAL RESISTANCE GUIDE to start selecting a disposable glove. Or DOWNLOAD our poster “The most commonly chemicals used in molecular biology”.  


ecoSHIELD™ Eco Nitrile PF 250 gloves are changing: Formerly WHITE, now GREEN representing an important change for the management of risk. Colour coding based on a the traffic light system makes it easier for the technician to select gloves according to the risk…    


TO ORDER YOUR FREE SHIELDskin™ ORANGE NITRILE™ SAMPLES, CLICK HERE. Our slogan is “compliance, comfort and protection”. Back in 2007 our initial offering was a glove based on Skin Nitrile™ technology (a synthetic glove with a latex-like sensation) and compliant with the latest standards relating to the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC. Now as you might expect the SHIELD Scientific revolution continues! NEW AND UNIQUE FORMULATION which combines nitrile and polychloroprene in order to significantly improve the performance of the chemical and biological barrier.  Polychloroprene also increases the elasticity to give unequalled comfort. FREE OF ACCELERATORS that are commonly used in the curing […]


TO DISCOVER OUR NEW SHIELDskin CHEM™  NEO NITRILE™ 300 , contact us. Manufactured with innovative twinSHIELD™ technology (double layers and twin colours for improved protection) to offer optimum “compliance, comfort and protection”.



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NEW: duoSHIELD™ PFT Nitrile 240 ultra-thin dual registered glove!

With the new duoSHIELD™ PFT Nitrile 240, SHIELD Scientific enters the ultra-thin glove market. This […]


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